Who We Are

Prime Healthcare of Cypress offers the chance to meet a wide range of medical needs in a high-tech and progressive environment. Under the leadership of Herman Grewal, MD, Prime Healthcare of Cypress is swiftly becoming the health home of choice for many residents in and around Cypress, Texas.

Patients have many choices in how to meet their health and wellness needs. For those who are searching for streamlined, integrative, and personable care that also allows easy access to providers, Prime Healthcare of Cypress is a great option.

The providers at Prime Healthcare of Cypress view their roles as partners in each patient’s unique health and wellness journey. They take the time to get to know the people in their care and create highly customized treatment plans that align with individual needs.
Preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services are performed from a perspective of evidence-based medicine, and all interactions are patient-focused. Those who rely on the practice for their care find the Prime Healthcare of Cypress team to be approachable, accessible, and always ready to listen to concerns and find solutions.

Comprehensive physical exams are always available, as are pediatric care and women’s and men’s health visits. are available to build a strong immune response, and services, like chronic disease management and weight loss, support a lifetime of vitality.
Personalized and unrushed in-office visits are easy to schedule. For people who prefer to meet their health needs remotely, telemedicine services are also an option. Scheduling a visit takes just a few moments online or over the phone, making it easy to begin a path toward renewed health and wellness.