Weight Loss services offered in Cypress, TX

If you’re carrying extra weight, taking action to move closer to a healthier weight is one of the best things you can do for your health. Family medicine physician Herman Grewal, MD, and the experienced team at Prime Healthcare of Cypress in Cypress, Texas, offer medically supervised weight loss. When you’re ready to learn more about weight loss plans, scheduling a visit is fast and easy online or over the phone.

Weight Loss Q&A

Why is weight loss so challenging?

There are many factors that contribute to the steadily increasing rates of obesity in America. Our food supply is a big part of the problem. With fast food available around the clock and highly processed food items filling grocery store shelves, it’s no surprise that many people struggle with their diet. The modern American lifestyle also shares some responsibility. Many people spend the bulk of the day in front of screens for school, work, and entertainment. This leaves little time for getting outside and engaging in physical activity. High stress levels and poor sleep quality also contribute to weight gain and make it hard to shed extra pounds.

What are the health risks of being overweight?

It’s difficult to overstate the risks of being significantly overweight. Some of the health conditions with a clear link to being overweight include:
These are just some of the physical health issues you might face if you’re overweight. You may also experience mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

How is medically supervised weight loss different?

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably tried many diet and exercise plans. You may have even achieved some success only to watch the pounds return shortly after you quit the program. Medically supervised weight loss doesn’t rely on fad diets or extreme exercise routines. It’s an approach that places your health at the center of focus and takes a highly customized approach to weight loss. Your provider begins with a comprehensive physical exam and assessment of your overall health. You receive customized nutrition advice that is easy to understand and simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Medications may also play a role in your weight loss journey, but first, every effort is made to create meaningful and sustainable lifestyle improvements. Prime Healthcare of Cypress also helps you find ways to stay active without placing your body under undue strain. Even making small changes in your daily habits can move the scale in your favor. When you’re ready to get started on a path toward renewed health, call the Prime Healthcare of Cypress office to book a visit. Online scheduling is also available at your convenience.

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